The Road to Dublin

We are happy to announce the Road to Dublin – a series of weekend online events taking place between
May 2022 and March 2023.

As due to the pandemic it was still not possible to organise the Dublin ESS Summer School in time for this year, we put forward an extended series of online events to give us all the opportunity to be in touch virtually and move together step by step towards the ESS Summer School 2023 in Dublin, Ireland, where we finally can meet up again in person.

The Road to Dublin 2022 – 2023 timeline:

28/29 May 2022 – 1. Online Event
5/6 November 2022 – 2. Online Event
11 December 2022 – ESS Online Concert
4/5 March 2023 – 3. Online Event  
20 – 23 July 2023 – Dublin 2023 ESS Summer School

Announcement of the third event

For our final stop on the ‘Road to Dublin’ online event series let us introduce to you our guests from Japan: Seian Genshin, Yoshimi Tsujimoto and our guests from Europe/USA: Adrian Freedman, Marco Lienhard

Date: Saturday 4 March + Sunday 5 March 2023

Programme Overview
The Road to Dublin Online Event 3 presents shakuhachi music from the legendary roots right up to the very present. Our weekend starts with Seian Genshin, the 42nd head of the Myōanji Temple/Fuke Myōan Shakuhachi sharing with us Chōshi and Kokū and through this his approach to ‘suizen’ and seeing shakuhachi as a tool of Zen Buddhism. The meditative Fuke Myōan sounds will be contrasted by Marco Lienhard’s interpretation and teaching of the virtuous expressive piece Makiri a modern composition by Marco’s teacher, the late Yokoyama Katsuya. Tsujimoto Yoshimi one of the young new generation of woman shakuhachi masters in Japan, equally at home in the Kinko tradition as well as in the contemporary ‘shakuhachi-pop’ scene, introduces us to her take on Tamuke and arrangements of popular tunes Takeda no Komoriuta and Summer. We will close the workshop by arriving at Adrian Freedman’s 2015 composition Yugure, where the calming rhythm of breath and sound brings us back again to the roots and right into the present – there-by closing the circle of our week-end excursion.

Fee: ESS members 40 Euros, Non-ESS members 50 Euros

Not an ESS member yet? To join the ESS, please visit the ESS membership page.

Technology: Zoom. Before the event, you will receive an email with links/Zoom invitations to all the sessions.

Announcement of ESS Winter Concert

As our Road to Dublin Event online event series continues, we can announce another step towards the ESS Summer School 2023 in Dublin, Ireland, where we finally can meet up again in person.

The ESS Winter Concert
What is it?

Well, we hope it will be a mix of an end of the year gathering to socialise online, give you the opportunity to listen to a mixture of performances covering all of the invitees of the three online Dublin events. our honorary members as well giving you as an ESS member the opportunity to be part of the online concert.
This is the first time the ESS is staging such an end of the year event and we hope it will become a regular feature in the ESS online calendar.

When is it?

Sunday 11 December
Time: 14h00 – 17h00 CET

Where is it?

Right on your screen at home, on ZOOM, accessible through a link distributed nearer the event date.

How will I be able to take part in the Online Concert?
Update 23 November: Submission is now closed

There are two-steps to take part:
1. Do send us (info[at]shakuhachisociety[dot]eu) an initial email before the 26 October to let us know that you would like to participate. In the email you also need to tell us what piece you will be playing and its duration. As a guide your piece should not be longer than seven minutes.
Please use as the subject of the email “ESS Winter Concert – members contribution”.

2. Afterwards you will send us a video recording of your contribution. The exact video specification we will let you know once we received your initial email.
Of course it is also possible to play ‘live’ but you will need to make sure that the technical set-up you use to play guarantees a solid audio signal. (as well as keeping in mind considerations of different timezones if you are outside of Europe)

The final deadline for receiving videos is Sunday the 20 November 2022.

Any questions please let us know at our usual email contact.
We look forward receiving your contributions!

Announcement of the second event

Following on from the last very successful event in May, the ESS is delighted to announce details of the next 2-day online event, The Road to Dublin 2, as a prelude to our next Summer School in Dublin in 2023, and featuring a wide range of styles, genres, levels, pieces and teachers so offering something for everyone; a real bonanza!

  • Two ‘rooms’ will be available throughout to cater for both Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced so there will be considerable choice (note: there will be no ‘complete beginners’ classes)
  • Longer time slots for all sessions for more in-depth study following feedback from previous events
  • Teachers from Japan and rising stars in Europe have been invited to showcase their special expertise in very different genres
  • A rare opportunity to learn a classic sankyoku piece taught with both the shakuhachi and koto teachers in the same room to explore the rich expressions and subtle techniques involved
  • A Roundtable Discussion led by two leading researchers into the shakuhachi with two special guests to explore a wide range of cultural, aesthetic, historical, musical and construction issues in the shakuhachi incorporating participant’s questions and observations
  • Opportunities to get together socially
  • The annual AGM will be held on the afternoon of 5 November

Registration opens on 24th September, 2022

Special guest from Japan: Obama Akihito

European teachers: Christophe Kazan Gaston, Véronique Piron, Sagara Akari, Cesar Viana

Roundtable convenors: Kiku Day, Gunnar Jinmei Linder with special guests   

Fee: ESS members 40 Euros, Non-ESS members 50 Euros

To join the ESS, please visit the ESS membership page.

Technology: Zoom. Before the event, you will receive an email with links/Zoom invitations to all the sessions

Announcement of the first event

We already can announce the line up for our 1. Online Event,
the other event dates and details will be announced in due time.

1. Online Event: Saturday 28 May + Sunday 29 May 2022

We are particular happy to have, from the US Araki Kodō VI representing the oldest continuous shakuhachi lineage, as well as from Japan, Shiori Tanabe, representing the young and exciting new generation of the Tanabe shakuhachi family.

And we have a fine selection of European guest teachers too: Horacio Curti, Nina Haarer and Philip Horan.

The programme will have 10 sessions covering traditional and modern pieces, tips and technique
and of course there will be moment to ro-buki together.

The detailed schedule and programme is to be announced in early April and
registration for the 1. Online Event will open on the 9 April

Hope to see you there!
ESS committee