EVENT 3 on 4/5 MARCH 2023

Seian Genshin

Seian Sakai Genshin is the 42nd kansu (director/head) of Myōan-ji Temple. He studied Fuke Myōan shakuhachi with Fuan Yoshimura Sōshin, the 40th kansu, for 25 years. Genshin became a Myōan shakuhachi teacher in 1976 and has since been working to disseminate this style of shakuhachi playing.

He is currently carrying out the organisation and instruction of Fuke style Myōan shakuhachi, iincluding performing throughout Japan at Fuke shakuhachi gatherings at which they are offering performances. Genshin is also active internationally working to bring shakuhachi players together. He is the person behind the idea of a World Shakuhachi Day.

Marco Lienhard

Marco Lienhard is the director of Taikoza and East Winds Ensemble in NYC.

As a member of Ondekoza (1981-1998) he performed over 3000 concerts and ran the 9000 miles of the perimeter of the US. He mastered the Shakuhachi under the late Katsuya Yokoyama and Teruo Furuya. He was the Shakuhachi soloist for the NYC Opera’s premiere of ”Kinkakuji” and he premiered “Voyage X” for Shakuhachi with the Juilliard New Music Ensemble. He performs and teaches internationally and has appeared as a soloist at Carnegie Hall, Suntory Hall, Osaka Festival Hall, Madison Square Garden, Tchaikovsky Hall and International Performing Center in Moscow.

Lienhard published an instructional book for the Shinobue and recorded over 15 awards nominated CDs (Nintendo Wii games: Red Steel 1 and 2). East Winds Ensemble CD of Studio Ghibli music (8 million streams on Spotify). He is working on an instructional book on shakuhachi to be published in 2023.

MarcoLienhard.com and Taikoza.com.

Adrian Freedman

Adrian Freedman studied music at Manchester University, The Guildhall School Of Music, and Kyoto Arts University. He lived in Kyoto for eight years from 1990 to 1998 and during this time he studied honkyoku with Yokoyama Katsuya sensei. He also studied min’yō with Kadoya Kōzan, and studied the hichiriki with Tenri Gagaku Orchestra. 

He later spent three years living in Brazilian forest communities immersed in the music of sacred healing rituals. In 2014 he was invited to play shakuhachi for the Dalai Lama.  

Adrian has worked as Musical Director and composer for several butō dance companies and theatre companies, and has collaborated internationally with a wide variety of musicians including Matthew Barley, Sanju Sahai, Seckou Keita, Chartwell Dutiro, Estas Tonne, Deva Premal, Sam Lee, Ivo Sedlacek, Hiroki Okano and others.


Yoshimi Tsujimoto

Yoshimi Tsujimoto is a shakuhachi player, and a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts
She was born 1987 in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan and has played the shakuhachi since high school.

She is active in a wide range of genres from traditional Japanese music to pop music.
Her activities transcend national borders, and she has been invited to perform all over the world, and has performed overseas 53 times in 33 cities in 24 countries.

In 2015, Yoshimi Tsujimoto’s video of a cover performance on a Japanese musical instrument caused a sensation on social media across the world, which inspired her to form her solo project and also ‘Bamboo Flute Orchestra”, a group of five female shakuhachi players.